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WARMAX Paraffin Heater Power 4

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Economical and efficient heating without electricity

In addition to the common electrically operated greenhouse heaters, there are a variety of alternative heating methods to create an ideal indoor climate in the greenhouse. For example, heating systems that are operated with paraffin oil are very advantageous. Paraffin promises efficient and economical heat in the greenhouse, regardless of power and energy prices. Our greenhouse heater “Warmax Power 4” is flexible, easy to use and extremely economical. Thanks to our XL wick you can achieve a 40% longer burning time.

Greenhouse heater running on paraffin oil

Equal distribution of warmth in greenhouses up to 4 m2 (approx. 43 sq ft)

Single burner

40% longer burning time due to extra long wick


Easy to operate

Robust steel construction

Energy saving

Available in 4 different variations

Max. heating capacity: 300 W

Burning time approx. 7 days / filling