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KSB Greenhouse

Tomato Humic Concentrate +NPK 750ml

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Liquid fertiliser for the supplementary feeding of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. Natural concentrate of biologically active humic substances (10g/l) with a mineral complex.

  • Provides plants with nutrients
  • Regulates nutrient penetration into plants
  • Promotes rooting and development of a strong root system
  • Promotes plant growth
  • Increases productivity, promotes fruiting and maturation
  • Increases plant resistance to unfavourable growing conditions
  • Promotes the recovery of weakened plants

Application.  (1) Use with a GreenOk spraying kit in irrigation mode. Add the sprayer to the water supply hose and water tomatoes until soil is completely wet.


Or (2) use diluted with water. Add 50ml of concentrate to 10L of water. Mix before use.


Apply the solution for the first time when planting. Watering dose 10 L / 3 m2 (5-6 plants), 2nd time 14 -16 days after previous fertilisation (dose – 10 L / 1 m2 (2-3 plants)), further: 3rd and 4th time with interval 14 – 16 days (dose 10 L / 1 m2 (2-3 plants)).