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KSB Greenhouse

Strawberry Humic Concentrate +NPK 750ml

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For strawberries, raspberries, bush berries, black currants and honeysuckle. Natural concentrate of biologically active humic substances (10g/l) with a mineral complex.

Treated liquid organo-mineral fertiliser.

  • Provides plants with nutrients.
  • Regulates the penetration of nutrients into plants.
  • Promotes seedlings rooting and strong root system development.
  • Promotes plant growth.
  • Increases productivity, stimulates fruit ripening.
  • Increases plant resistance to unfavourable growth conditions.
  • Promotes regeneration of weakened plants.
  • Promotes development of favourable soil microflora.

Application.  (1) Use in combination with a GreenOk sprayer. Attach sprayer to the water supply hose and spray plants until leaves are completely wet.


Or (2) Dilute 50ml of concentrate with 10L of water and mix.


Water plants and soil with the solution. First time – water  in spring, when the vegetation has recovered, the second time – water during flower bud formation, the third time – water after flowering (during berry formation), the fourth time – water 2 weeks after berry harvesting