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In order for all the plants in the garden to be surrounded by care, bloom and bear fruit, they need proper watering. Lawns, shrubs, trees and flower beds need constant and careful watering and all this can be provided by the “Sprinkler” rainwater irrigation system.

Benefits of rainwater irrigation:

-Saves time and effort

-Easy to install

-Water filter included

-The sprinkler is easy to install and adjust. 

The sprinkler system is connected to the main water supply. To keep dirt out of the spray arms, connect a water filter. The kit includes 6 nozzles made of durable plastic. The nozzle on each sprayer can be used in two different positions. In one it works on a full circle with a jet length from one meter to two, in the other, half a circle with a jet length from 0.5 to one meter. 

Product information:

-Connect up to 6 nozzles at the same time.

-Irrigation area up to 20-30 m2.

-Main pipe 15m

-Irrigation intensity from 3.5 to 35 liters per minute.

-To automate the irrigation system, connect a controller with a timer for the time and amount of water supplied.