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  • The organic substrate mix - provides plants with the ideal air-water ratio and micronutrients. A stable pH value.

    Special features:

    Balanced nutrient distribution in the root area of your planter

    Suitable for all plants (even orchids and citrus plants).

    Structurally stable, the optimal air/water ratio for plants

    Stabilizes the ideal pH balance

    Prevents fungus that attack the roots.

    The name LECHUZA stands for healthy, magnificent plant growth. LECHUZA has developed another high-quality plant substrate that perfectly combines the advantages of organic soil with those of mineral components such as pumice and expanded clay: TERRAPON

    This new substrate is made from the same high-quality raw materials used in professional horticulture: pumice, expanded clay, and an effective fertiliser combination. The fresh organic clay naturally stores water and nutrients and provides balanced plant care. This protects against variations in water and nutrient levels and enables the plant to continue to thrive in dry or wet periods.

    TERRAPON can be used to plant nearly all house, balcony and garden plants with the exception of bog garden plants, which have special soil needs with regard to pH levels. These types of plants require special soil. Orchids also have very special soil needs and should only be planted in LECHUZA-PON.