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Special features:

  • Self-watering planter with water level indicator
  • Removable separator
  • High-quality plastic with matte surface
  • High-quality pure mineral plant substrate included
  • For outdoor and indoor use

With its timeless shape, the popular CLASSICO Color is a must-have in any home. Its discreet matt colours and modern design blend wonderfully into any ambience - whether in the living room or on the balcony and terrace. The stylish CLASSICO Color also inspires in size 18 and fits perfectly on shelves, window sills, side tables and smaller surfaces, both indoors and out.

The CLASSICO Color family shows off an aesthetic appearance, high-quality design and smart functionality. Thanks to the reliable LECHUZA soil irrigation system, the plants can take as much water and nutrients as and when they need it and, in outdoor areas, the removable bottom screw protects against waterlogging in heavy rain.

The tastefully simple design and the silky matt surface in the harmonious colours white, slate grey and nutmeg set the scene for indoor and outdoor plants, and make the plant pot an indispensable partner. The matching CLASSICO Color is now available for all plants - for a uniform, modern look. A classic combination with a big effect!

  CLASSICO Color 18 CLASSICO Color 21 CLASSICO Color 28
Dimensions ~ (W x H) Ø 19 x 17 cm Ø 21,5 x 20,5 cm Ø 27,5 x 26 cm
Water reservoir 0,6 l 0,8 l 2 l
Plant volume 2,5 l 5 l 9 l
Planter liner, dimension ~ Ø 18 cm Ø 21 cm Ø 27 cm
Planting depth 11 cm 13,5 cm 17,5 cm
Plant height max. 30 cm 50 cm 70 cm

shatterproofultralighthigh-quality plasticUV-resistantideal for home and garden