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Humic concentrate for Lawn +NPK (25ml)

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Humic concentrate enriched with a mineral complex. Promotes rooting of new lawn. Increases the density of the lawn, giving it a brighter green colour. Used by spraying or watering. The sachet, 25 ml, yields 5 litres of working solution.

Treated liquid organominerial fertilizer.

NPK 2.0-3.5-3.5

  • Total nitrogen (N)               2,0%
  • Total phosphorus (P2O5)    3.5%
  • Total potassium (K2O)        3,5%
  • Humidity                             82%
  • Organic matter                   8.0%
  • Reaction pH                 5.1 ± 0.7

Application. Pour the contents of the sachet into a sprayer or watering can and add 5L of water. Mix before use.

Spray or water the lawn with the solution. For the first time in the spring, when the vegetation resumes, then once every 2-3 weeks, 3-5 days after mowing. Fertiliser dose: 10L of ready solution per 250m².