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Humic concentrate for Indoor Plants And Balcony Flowers

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+1L spray

Leafy and flowering houseplants, balcony flowers, potted tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, etc.

  • Increases leaf volume and promotes lighter foliage.
  • Stimulates rich flowering.
  • Promotes plant growth and strong root system development.
  • Improves nutrient penetration into plants.
  • Increases plant resistance to unfavourable growing conditions.\

Kit for the preparation of a 1 litre solution of humic substances. The set includes:

  • 1 x 5ml sachet  – Humus concentrate For Indoor Plants And Balcony Flowers;
  • 1 litre sprayer bottle.

Humic Concentrate – Sachet for the preparation of 5 ml of a ready-made humic acid solution. The final solution is used for spraying indoor plants, balcony flowers and other potted plants.
From 1 sachet 5 ml you get 1 litre ready-for -use solution.