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KSB Greenhouse

GreenOK Fertiliser Kit

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Included: spray nozzle with built-in dispenser and three bottles of 750ml GreenOK spray products.

Sprayer, which is used to spray humic fertilisers on plants at the required dose without prior dilution with water.

The sprayer is screwed onto a 750ml bottle of GreenOK white line product, connected to a watering hose, and applied by watering the plants simultaneously feeding through the leaves.

  1. Connect sprayer components. If the watering tube is 1/2 ″ in size, a size transition is also added.
  2. Remove the cap on the 750ml bottle, place the spray tube in the bottle and screw the spray on the bottle.
  3. Select the position 1 of 3 available on dispenser.
  4. Open the water tap and spray the plants. Spray until the leaves are moist.

CAUTION! Do not spray plants on sunny days! This can cause the plants to burn.

If the dispenser is used for watering plants, the dosing cap is removed from the tube in the bottle.