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NEW 2021 GREENHOUSE STRONG 30 M² (3M X 10M; 9.8FT X 33FT)

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Greenhouse Strong 30 M² (3M X 10M; 9.8FT X 33FT)

This greenhouse provides plenty of room and a lot of cultivating opportunities. A greenhouse for large harvests and experiments for a true enthusiast! 

NEW greenhouse "Strong 2021" with improved door and window locks, galvanised steel trims around doors and windows, which makes them extremely secure against winds and storms.

Greenhouse dimensions: Width 3 m, length 10 m and height 2.1 m, 30 m².

The frame is made of galvanised steel, and is assembled with screws and nuts. High quality PC manufactured in Europe, 4 mm and UV-protected. The delivery includes everything needed for mounting the panels. The greenhouse is easy to assemble, because it does not require a separate foundation. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground. It can also be installed on a foundation by using angle brackets (not included).

Greenhouse has two door openings and two small windows in opposite ends, the width of the doors is 805 mm.

Comes with assembly instructions.

For more info and further available options:

  • Greenhouse assembly
  • Roof windows
  • Automatic window openers

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