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GREENHOUSE SIGMA 18 M² (3M X 6M; 9.8FT X 19.6FT)

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The Sigma greenhouse is very strong and has a construction that is easy to assemble and it protects the plants from adverse weather conditions.

Greenhouse has two door openings and two small windows in opposite ends. The frame profile is square galvanised steel pipe, 40×20 mm, which is why the installation is much easier and faster compared to other greenhouse models.

Greenhouse dimensions: width 3 m, length 6 m and height 2.1 m. Area 18 m². 

The roofing is high quality shock-resistant and UV-protected 4 mm or 6 mm polycarbonate sheet. The delivery includes everything needed for mounting the sheet.

The installation time is approx. 6-8 hours. Includes clear and illustrated installation instructions.

 For more info and further available options:

  • Greenhouse assembly
  • Roof windows
  • Automatic window openers
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