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Greenhouse Astra

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The seedbed “Astra” is suitable for growing seedlings, greenery and undersized crops in the summer cottage. It is anchored to the ground with its end tubes .The metal board is 0.34m. The metal borders significantly reduce the water and fertiliser consumption that plants require.
The top of the bed is covered with arches into which cellular polycarbonate is inserted. When closed, the lid reliably adheres to the garden bed, creating a favourable microclimate for plants inside the structure. The length of the sides is 1.75m, the width is 0.89m and the height is 0.8m. Despite its small size, it is comfortable to care for plants inside the greenhouse. It can also be opened conveniently from both sides.

Advantages of the bed of the ‘Astra’ greenhouse:
-High-quality galvanising of all metal parts.
-Fast and safe assembly.
-Thanks to the metal sides in the greenhouse, the number of weeds, fungal diseases and pests is reduced.
-Easy access to all plants in the garden.
-The kit includes a sealing profile that completely covers the gaps between the metal and polycarbonate.
-A packed greenhouse can be placed in the boot of a car.