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NEW 2021 GREENHOUSE ARROW-3, 6M² (3M X 2M; 9.8FT X 6.5FT)

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New door and window handles and metal trims, which make the doors and windows extremely durable against strong winds and storms.
A versatile greenhouse that features straight lines for maximum space capacity. 

A gratifyingly high, spacious and rigid arched greenhouse. Suitable for demanding weather conditions.

Greenhouse dimensions: width 3 m, height 2.4 m, length 2 m

The frame is made of galvanised steel, the profile size is a sturdy 60×20 mm. High quality PC panels manufactured in Europe and UV-protected. The greenhouse is easy to assemble, because it does not require a separate foundation. The vertical beams of the frame are equipped with T-shaped anchors that are dug into the ground.

Doors on both ends allow for cross-draught. Their upper parts also function as ventilation windows. 

Comes with assembly instructions.

For more info and further available options:
  • Greenhouse assembly
  • Roof windows
  • Automatic window openers
  • Galvanised steel shelves
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