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KSB Greenhouse

Green Buddy nitrogen fertiliser (750ml)

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  • Increases the amount of chlorophyll.
  • Improves soil fertility.
  • Stimulates nutrient uptake into plants.
  • Increases the efficacy of the use of fertilisers.
  • Saves 20-30% of additional nitrogen fertiliser consumption.
  • Stimulates plant growth.
  • Increases yield and yield quality.
  • Promotes the development of favourable soil microflora.

Total nitrogen in the fertiliser (N) 30%:

  • amide nitrogen (N-NH2) 14.8%,
  • nitrate nitrogen (N-NO3) 7.7%,
  • ammoniacal nitrogen (N-NH4) 7.5%

Application. Use with sprayer, rinse with water after use. Nitrogen fertiliser amount (N) is calculated on the basis of the fertilisation rate of the crop (kg/ha) and the crop fertilisation plan, distributed over several fertilisation events during the vegetation period.

The fertiliser contains biologically active humic substances. Spray plants up to + 25°C temperature in the morning, evening or overcast weather conditions.

Nitrogen product dose for straw and/or crop residue treatment in autumn depends on the amount of residues (20 – 40 L/ha), average consumption 30L/ha.