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FARMER 5 (31.5M² - 5M X 6.3M; 16.4FT X 20.7FT)

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FARMER 5 (31.5M² - 5M X 6.3M; 16.4FT X 20.7FT)

An even-span greenhouse for professional growing of garden crops. 

Greenhouse base part width 5m, length depending on desire of buyer starting from 4.2 m and height 3.6m. Door opening width 1.34 m and height 2.6 m.
Designed and developed for the needs of professional crop production farms, cooperatives and associations. However, the applications are not limited to farming. It can also function e.g. as a garage, warehouse, another kind of production facility or a shelter.

The frame is galvanised steel, profile 84×45 mm. The frame is assembled with screws, washers and nuts. The greenhouse base part area is 21 m². The length can be extended with additional modules (2.1 m) all the way up to the desired length (6.3 m, 8.5m, 10.6 m, 12.7 m, 14.9 m…). The greenhouse can be installed on solid foundations (not included) or directly onto the soil with anchors.

The 6 mm polycarbonate panels are UV-protected and manufactured in Europe. 
The standard package includes wide hinged double doors on both ends of the greenhouse. Roof windows with automatic opening are available as an option.

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