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Drip irrigation system for greenhouses or flat land. Water the plants in your garden quickly and easily.

Thanks to the drip irrigation system:

  • No need to water plants with a watering can
  • Each plant gets the amount of water it needs
  • The water does not get onto the leaves
  • You have more free time and energy for other activities

In the complete set of drip irrigation you will find everything you need for comfortable and long-term operation in gardening conditions. A hose made of black polyethylene will not allow water to bloom and, thanks to the black color, the water will additionally warm up, and the filter installed at the beginning of the system will prevent the system from clogging. There are also various tees, angles, taps and plugs, which give flexibility and comfort when using this system, and the presence of a transparent water level tube will allow you to fill the tank with water in time.

The number of droppers is designed for 60 plants, and the length of the hose for three beds of 4 m each or two for 6 m each.