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AntiDUST tape

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width - 28 mm (for polycarbonate 4, 6 and 8 mm thick)

length - 33 m


All AntiDUST® tapes have been engineered to accomplish one goal. We want to keep your polycarbonate sheet clean and clear. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that a polycarbonate system has to offer.

  • Specially treated, non-woven, it provides a barricade for dust particles
  • The new engineered filter is able to keep particles, > 25µm, out of the multi-wall sheet
  • Ensures excellent draining
  • Gives precisely the right amount of ventilation
  • Contracts and expands with the growing and shrinking sheet
  • Dust, fungi and algae stand no chance!
  • Easy application due to the excellent tack-on polycarbonate
  • Coated with strong, durable and outdoor-resistant adhesive